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I have a habit of listening to a variety of podcasts and music all the time and I often find that the wire to my headphones often gets in the way as I do my things.  So I thought I would look for some other options – specifically bluetooth headphones to get rid of the wire.  Most I found were bulky but I came across the BackBeat Go Headphones by Plantronics and thought I would give them a go.

These headphones  still have s a small cable as you can see from the photo but they hand around your neck and do not tend to get in the way at all.  I have found the sound quality OK, not sub standard by any means but not as good as a quality set of cans on your ears.  They integrate with my phone very well letting you take and make phone calls with ease.  I have found them to be great on car trips where the family is sleeping and I am driving.  Able to listen to my stuff easily and no hanging cords getting in the way from the phone mounted on the windscreen.  I have also been using them whilst gardening and again no cords getting in the way.

The downside is that to keep them small is that the battery size is not that great.  A few hours of use before they go flat.  They will not last a whole day so if you are outside and need 8 hours of use then they are probably not for you.  Some pre planning is required in this area.  For long car trips I have a charger in my car to use (USB cable used for charging).

The unit comes with a couple of different size ear buds to get the correct fit for you.  Unfortunately I have not found the perfect fit for me but they also include some other rings you can add to help them stay in your ears that I use.  They are obviously larger than ear buds so do not fit as snugly as the little ear buds you can get.

Overall,  I think they are great and worth their cost for what they give me.  Be aware if you need to listen to stuff all day you may need to buy two pairs.

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